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Role Focused Compliance Auditing & Testing Platform

Website Accessibility Compliance Is Everywhere

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The Distinguishing Characteristic Of Our Platform

Is that it was designed for simplicity and efficiency (instead of overwhelmingly complicated reporting)

The Result

You’ll spend less money, much less time and show accessibility adjustment much faster. . .
using automation to empower your organization, large or small 
to demonstrate accessibility adjustment, while removing the limitations of manual efforts.


Working with Fortune 500 clients such as eBay, Coca Cola and Merck over the past 15 years . . .

We realized the need for organizations to:

(1) Prioritize the work scope according to importance and visibility of the issues and

(2) For people in different roles to be able to view the data their particular role requires

For That Reason, Sitemorse Provides Role Based Reporting:

Management level access, Page Editor level access and Developer level access, all within one platform

For Management

A Quick Statistical Overview

Displays 4 essential elements in real time. A single screen shows the percentage of pages with priority issues and pages with issues across each of the 3 compliance levels: A, AA and AAA

Management can instantly see the progress being made for each essential element simply by viewing the historical graph.

The chart also provides historical benchmarking of the businesses progress over time. Each week Sitemorse date and time stamps and archives the site to provide a consistent benchmark reporting.

Sitemorse Site Assessment Audit screenshot

For Content Editors

View Content Requiring Immediate Attention

Content editors can easily view

The top 10 pages which require action

The content that requires immediate attention highlighted on the page itself to provide an easy to understand explanation of how to fix each issue (without the need for development or coding experience).

Sitemorse Site Assessment Audit screenshot

For The Developer

A Prioritized Work Scope and Code Diagnostic Tool

The prioritized work scope provides the developer with prioritized issues they need to deal with across all 3 compliance levels A, AA and AAA.

The diagnostic tool enables the developer to dive right into each line of non-compliant code and receive a help dialog to define the issue.

Sitemorse Site Assessment Audit screenshot

A Better Then Free Trial Offer

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