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Important Information

You should be aware of the following

Point in time

Audits are completed “at a point in time” starting pretty much immediately following your purchase and we can only report what has been sent by your site. If a section and / or page wasn’t available, say because of a broken link, the overall results can be affected. Occasionally the results differ from audit to audit, this can be for many reasons – we can not guarantee absolute consistency, and we cannot recreate a particular scenario. Your purchase is for the results as of the time of order only.


We offer automated audits, based on WCAG 2.0 (see detailed country table covering relationship to local regulation) – 100% pass is not 100% compliance, manual testing is also important.

PDF Documents

The system analyses PDFs and will scan them at the point of change. Once updated they are re-scanned, not on every audit.

“FREE” usage

Nothing is really free! well actually with us it is. We would ask you don’t take advantage, we don’t want to limit or remove this (but we do reserve the right to do so if the free offer is abused).


The unlimited pages option is based on an unlimited number of pages being assessed within our 8 hour scan limit. The constraint here is the performance of the site being audited. As a gauge to the depth of scan, a well performing site (sub 4ms response) we would estimate being able to audit circa 47,350 pages within 8 hours.